Complete Fence Solutions: Residential, Commercial, Industrial

American Fence System offers a wide variety of quality fencing solutions: Vanguard Aluminum Fences, Landmark Vinyl Fences, Chain Link Fence and Wood Fence. Since 1991, we have had a single focus - to provide the best possible quality manufacturing
and the widest variety of fencing products to our customers.
All of the products that we offer are made here, domestically in the United States. As a result, we're able to offer best-in-class products, along with superior customer service, and we stand behind our products with warranties among the best in the industry. We think it's the right choice for America, and it's the way we do business.

Vanguard Aluminum Fences

With the distinctive look of wrought iron fencing, Vanguard Aluminum Fences are an attractive and durable solution with an outstanding warranty.

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Landmark Vinyl Fences

Our most popular residential fence, Landmark Vinyl Fences are an exceptional value, offering many desirable looks, durability and low maintenance.

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Chain Link Fence

Our chain link fence solutions are extremely versatile, durable and cost effective. A great choice for commercial, industrial and residential applications.

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Wood Fence

Wood fencing has a natural beauty that can't be duplicated and is appreciated by many. We manufacture assembled wood fence sections.

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